Trapcode AirPaint for iPhone

This app allows you to paint in air with your iPhone! It uses the built-in accelerometer to estimate how you move the iPhone when painting a stroke in air and the stroke is then displayed on screen.

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How to use video for iPhone
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Accelerometer data alone is not enough information to recreate the stroke, so this application uses physics-based methods to guess how your hand moved based on the acceleration data. As a result, it is fairly easy to paint simple shapes like squares and circles, but more advanced shapes are harder and provides a fun challenge.


If you paint something nice you can use the iPhone's screen shot capability (press "home" and "awake/sleep" at the same time) to save your art piece with your photos.

We look forward to your feature requests on how to make the app better!
Requests and support e-mail: peder (dot) norrby <at> gmail (dot) com

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Kudos to Pablo Picasso and Gjon Mili who did this in 1947 using a camera with long exposure time (and a flash at the end):

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