Pierre Michel on creating a realistic cloud carpet using Trapcode Particular
The first Shot of the film Polar was done with particular ... A lot of people ask me how i did it and i must say it is quite easy... First I shot a very nice photo from a journey in croatia:
So i rotoscoped 10 clouds of this picture, put them into
particular, and made a box emitter
I used of course random size to make look them more than 10... I tried to make them move BUT when you create a lot of particules that are very close from each other, some flicking may appear...And it was the case! i could not use, turbulence or wind or velocity because if I DO THAT a cloud may come in front an other in image A and then be behind it in the image B... And produce flicking. So I decided to make a fratal noise in a 3d comp with the same mouvement of camera that my particular comp and use it as a diplacement map:
An other big problem is the mouvement of the camera itself... everybody know that particules in particular are always showing the same face!!! when you move your cam, particuls are oriented toward camera... So for the last frames i used a photo of real clouds to make a transition...(in fact 95% of the
clouds are particular ones)
Then i used the vector blur to link every particular clouds...some smoke, shine to make the sun, particular for the birds and a mat painting for the background....
In this 2k film a lot of thing was done with particular, i put some photos of those shot (rain, embers...) to show you how trapcode can easily let you produce very cool effect. View final movie.