Trapcode makes software for visual effects and motion graphics. The focus is on creating groundbreaking, robust technology that is easy to start using for beginners and has many complex features for advanced users.

Trapcode was started in 2001 by Peder Norrby in the attic of his fathers house. It still today is a one-man company and this is made possible by partnering with publisher Red Giant Software that handles sales, tech support and some engineering so that Norrby can focus on creating new technologies.

Trapcode was never funded by external investors, it grew organically and Peder Norrby maintains full ownership and control of the company.

Trapcode's products have become industry-standard and are continously seen on TV and have been used in many feature films, such as Terminator Salvation, Angels and Demons, Sin City, The Spirit, Spider Man 3, Matrix Revolutions, The Day after Tomorrow, etc, etc. See some amazing work done with Trapcode tools in the Gallery.

Video interview with Peder Norrby by Motionworks
Interview with Peder Norrby by StudioDaily
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All non-iPhone Trapcode sales, tech support and other communications for Trapcode are managed by Red Giant Software.

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