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MOTOR by K. Ulrich Schneider

Very neat piece that uses Trapcode Particular intelligently in novel ways. Must see!
/ Peder

Ulrich notes: "It's part of my bachelor thesis 2008 and uses Trapcode Particular to creatre various structures of lines."

View clip on KU-Schneider's site

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Modest Mouse "Whale Song" by Nando Costa

Incredible video, lots of abstract and surreal elements that they managed to make look "real". Awesome!
/ Peder

Nando told me they used lots of Trapcode 3D Stroke and Lux (the spotlights).

View clip and get more info on here

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Let yourself feel by Esteban Diácono

A piece of art! I love how he used the music to drive the beautiful visuals. I find it totally mesmerizing. / Peder

Esteban notes: "I've used Trapcode Particular 2 to create the particles, of course, and two Trapcode Sound Keys layers to drive the position, velocity and a few turbulence and spin parameters.

View clip and get more info on here
Esteban's site:

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dancer #1 :: dancer #2 :: dancer #3

Loyal Kaspar for Fuse

Geoff Bailey at Loyal Kaspar in NYC sent me a bunch of innovative and flawlessly executed clips. He notes:

"We recently finished a redesign of Fuse. All the particle effects were animated using particular and form. We pushed it, pulled it, stretched and beat it to get new effects. But it never broke..."

Loyal Kaspar website:

I specially like how they managed to integrate particles with footage. Magically skilled guys they are! /Peder

the sauce

P2 Street Tests / Eric Epstein / Najork

In this experiment, Particular 2 was used to improvise elements to add into 3D tracked footage. No other 3rd party plugin or 3D software was used. I had my friends Skeleton Suit add some sound design.

Clip and more info on Vimeo

This clip is INSANE!! / Peder

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FFT / Peter Menich / ZedZero

Very nice piece by Peter Menich fron the UK. He used Trapcode Particular 2, emitting millions of sphere particles, nicely synced to the music.

Peter Menich
Zedzero MGD

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FormTest / Morgan Halary

My name is Morgan Harary. I work at an advertising agency in Boston called Modernista. I'm a new media artist/motion graphics designer and wanted to send
you this example I made with your plug-ins. I used Trapcode Form as well as a little of Trapcode Shine in this audio visual example.

Morgan Haraly

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Feathers / Artillery Design

Elements for a user experience in the Newcastle gallery. Viewers would step into a huge projection, projected into the floor. Part of an Eygptian Mythology installation.
Trapcode Particular feathers used CC sphere in custom particle layer.

Artillery Design

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Bubblegum / FormTroopers

I don't know what to say... This is pure awesomeness. Made by FormTroopers in Denmark.

"Everything is animated using Trapcode Form's audio capabilities."

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one4two / Timo Lauber

Timo used Trapcode Particular and Form on these stylish clips. The first is a bumper and the second is the reel intro.

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Silverbullet Film / Daniel Bladini

"Particular was used to create the all the sparks in the foreground and also to create the lines emitting from the bullet. The motionpath had a crucial part in creating the lines following the bullet and 3d tracking."

Daniel Bladini - website

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Found on Vimeo
I was browsing the Vimeo site one day and found a lot of cool vids that use Trapcode software. In fact all of them are super! See full list here. Here are some examples:

M83 - We Own the Sky
Directed by David Altobelli
Motion Design by Dan Norton
Additional VFX by Matt Divito

An amazing music video that uses Trapcode Form in very clever ways, far away from the preset looks.
Form_01 / Danil Peshkov
A very nice use of Trapcode Form in the Strings mode.
Form Experiment 002 / Simon Bronson
Another cool use of Trapcode Form. Simon has used the Audio Reactors to make the shapes move with the music.
Math.Trapcode particular study 01 / Eric Sanderson
Very neat Trapcode Particular use by setting mathemathical expressions for a point emitter.

Big Bang / Ramiro A. Fernandez
"In this clip all particles are generated with Particular inside after effects ( stars, smoke, all of them, like 12 diferent layers), none other software used , the lens flare is from knoll factory and the shake with saphire.
I make the soundtrack to make the short clip powerfull."

Ramiro A. Fernandez (also check out his still design work - digital alchemy machine, it is pretty awesome / Peder)

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NBC - Green / Royal Pictures
"Royal Pictures has just completed the winter 2008 Green Is universal campaign once again for our friends at NBC Universal.

Trapcode Particular and Form were used extensively in all graphics packages, such as the particle Earth that dissolves and blows away, and all of the leaves for NBC Universal package"

Harry Frank / graymachine


clip 1
clip 2
clip 3

Magnus Engsfors - Suddenly
Directed and animated by Magnus Engsfors, shot by Martin Nordqvist. A short movie illustrating the moment of total mental collapse due to very difficult personal circumstances.

Uses Trapcode Particular in a clever way to enhance the feelling of depth.

Some info on the making here
Magnus Engsfors website

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Rob Nield
"I used Particular to animate the leaves at the beginning of the clip and 3D Stroke for the line 'drawn' across the paper. To achieve the 3D Stroke graffiti text I first drew it in Illustrator and then copied and pasted it into After Effect as a series of masks. AE Waveform was also used in the clip."

Rob Nield website

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Degauss - Slaves and Burn

Swedish Degauss worked on an animated documentary about slaves in Sudan. It is a very strong film and the look they created for it is just astounding. Trapcode Starglow was used for overall styling.

The second clip is an ad for the soft drink Burn. They told me they had lots of fun playing with lighter fluid, and they used Trapcode Particular to enhance the effects.

Degauss website

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Radiohead - House of Cards / The Syndicate
The Syndicate worked on this groundbreaking music video for Radiohead. Not one single camera was used, instead they used laser-technology to gather 3D geometry. Ben Grossman notes:
"We used Form+Particular on 14 shots in the video and they're the ones where you see Thom's head vaporizing, the girls head vaporizing, and a hand vaporizing."

Lots of great info on this video
The Syndicate website

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The Mummy 3 Titles / Imaginary Forces
Imaginary Forces created the stunning titles for the latest Mummy movie. Chase Massingill notes:
"I just finished a job at Imaginary Forces where we used Trapcode Horizon and Particular. They were the end titles of The Mummy 3. I used Horizon for the last bit during the battle scene, to create painted textures in the sky using a camera created in Cinema 4D.
Particular was used for some of the ink splatters, as well as some of the Yeti face where the snow is coming down his face."

Imaginary Forces website

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Burma / Shilo
Shilo created this emotional 90-second viral public service message using, among other tools, Trapcode Particular.

Read article in Digital Arts
Shilo website

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ESPNews / Trollbäck + Company
Lloyd Alvarez was designer and animator on these amazing EPSNews idents that use Tracode Particular. It was produced at Trollback & Co.

Lloyd Alvarez website
Trollbäck website

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Thomas Feiner - The Siren Songs
Thomas worked with Aubo Lessi to create this beautiful, very musically driven video for one of his songs. It uses most Trapcode plugs.

Thomas Feiner website
Aubo Lessi website

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Presidentti - Fantasia / Stardust
A very nice commercial for a Finnish coffe brand. CG Director Carl Mok notes that they used Trapcode Particular in AE for particles.

Read article in Digital Arts
Carl Mok website
Stardust website

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GKaster / Kurtz Medias/ Pierre Magnol
This wonderful piece "Nanodesign" was sent in by Pierre Magnol at Kurtzmedias/GKaster. It uses Trapcode Form and Starglow. Check out the GKaster reel for more beautiful stuff at their website.

GKaster website:

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Tetsoo Productions
"Here are three TV spots I did last year for the Helio Ocean mobile phone. All particles have been produced with Trapcode Particular"

Grégoire Poget

Helio Ocean : Creation
Direction / Design / Animation / Audio : Tetsoo Productions - Grégoire Poget

Helio Ocean : Messaging
Direction / Design / Animation : Tetsoo Productions - Grégoire Poget
Collaborator on animation : Wipix
Audio : Neververse

Helio Ocean : Music
Direction / Design / Animation : Tetsoo Productions - Grégoire Poget
Audio : Neververse

Tetsoo website:

view clip 1: Creation

Zen Images
"We just wanted to share with Trapcode something we cooked up only last week. Trapcode Particular really gave us the effectiveness a particle system needs to have, versatility and workfriendly when producing under fire. We were capable of creating awesome looking effects in a mather of seconds and thats just what we needed.

Once it was finished it came to our mind to showcase your technology threw our work. The only 3D element in the scene is the weird looking bird, the rest was up to After Effects."

Pascal Clément, VP and AD Zen Images

Zen Images website:


In my personal opinion, this one for Coke is one of the most amazing pieces of advertising. I was thrilled to hear PSYOP used Trapcode Particular a lot in it! The other clips are for Fanta, EA Sports Street, Guinness and Miller, they all use Trapcode Particular and they are all stunning. It is easy to see why PSYOP is one of the most highly esteemed studios.

PSYOP website:

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view movie

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Crew Creative Advertising - Life Before Her Eyes Trailer
Trapcode plugins have always been a staple product in Crew Creative's motion graphics pipeline, so we were excited to get our hands on Form. With a mixture of Particular, Starglow, Form and 3d Stroke (driving the Form map layer), Lead Motion Graphics Designer, Adam Franklin, achieved the visual look and feel desired for this trailer.

Crew Creative Advertising website

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Barbecue Mediendesign GmbH - Lexus
Lexus Hybrid Drive - The main goal was to design a almost surreal surrounding in wich two energy Forces that symbolize the Hybrid technology will travel trough. As these two Lightshapes should fly over/inbetween an through different scenes, we decided to build the entire Landscapes in After Effects to have full control with the virtual camera following the lights. Particular was used to build up the Lightshapes and its trails. A custom script enabled the particles to have an natural irratic movement. Shine was used to create Northernlights, transmitting lights through Ice and mainly for the overall color correction and tinting. This ended up in creating a whole flower-field with multiple instances of a single blade of grass and blossom distributed in z-space. The only 3d generated Image is the reveal of the drivetrain and the packshot of the cars. All other Images are truly 2.5 3D Planes Layered in AE.

Tutorial #1
Tutorial #2
Tutorial #3

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Lexus LFA - The Irresistible Force
In this clip the concept car LFA symbolizes an "irresistible force" like a black hole. The LFA controls the magnetic field and the light in a surreal world. We used Trapcode Form for all the effects of the magnetic field and the light-bending effects. Shine was used for the eerie light and shadows.

Barbecue website

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Mate Steinforth - Advanced Beauty

This is a snippet from Mate's piece for Advanced Beauty. It features Trapcode Form in an amazing way where he uses the abilities of Form to react to audio. The piece is simply stunning.

Animation: Mate Steinforth / mateuniverse
Sound: Simon Pyke
For Advanced Beauty

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Pierre Michel - Fire Flower

Another stunning clip by Pierre Michel. All particles in this piece where skillfully made with Trapcode Particular. The clip also has lots of wonderful real fire footage.

See it in full HD at Pierre's site:
Article on this clip at StudioDaily.

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Digital Kitchen / Cody Cobb / Matt LaVoy

The first clip is the intro for the movie "The Company". It features a cross-hatch technique that Matt LaVoy and Cody Cobb developed that uses Trapcode Particular to create the look of animated cross-hatched drawings.

Matt LaVoy website
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The second clip is an experiment by Cody Cobb where he uses Trapcode Form to create this interresting and beautifully moving blob-like thing.

Digital Kitchen website

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Jason Koxvold & Lloyd Alvarez - SFIFF promo
This promo for the San Francisco International Film Festival was made by Jason Koxvold and Lloyd Alvarez. It features clever use of Trapcode Particular with expressions tied to the emitter position to create geometric 3D patterns. (Koxvold)

view movie (3M)

A visual breakdown of an experiment using simple 3D renders (UVs / Normals / Motion Vectors / Ambient Occlusion) to drive the layer maps in Trapcode Form. Secondary particle reactions are being driven by audio (BMX's "Cavern of the DX7s").

Hi-res Breakdown Image.


The first clip is the intro from degauss 2007 reel. It is set in a magical forest with some particle dust made using Trapcode Particular to enhance that airy summer vibe.
view movie
The second clip is an excerpt from a music video made by degauss for the band cirKus, the name of the song is Starved. Trapcode Shine and Starglow were used for light effects and Trapcode Sound Keys was used to control certain aspects of the animation using audio, for example the camera position.

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Ben Grossmann,
The Syndicate
It is not very often we get customer clips that falls in both cathegories for gallery selection: beauty and high-profile. Theese are two such clips.

In the BMW spot Trapcode Particular was used for 3D rain and the falling rocks(!). Trapcode Lux was used for the volumetric headlights. Here is a full article.

In the Energizer spot Trapcode Particular was used for the dust from the truck, and the dust at the end when the bunny is abducted. Trapcode Shine was used for the rays from the spaceship.

Ben Grossmann - imdb link
The Syndicate

view final (3.9M)
how it was made (9.5M) view final (5.6M)

Pierre Michel - Polar 2007
Pierre Michel made this beautiful clip using only AE for a french film festival. Trapcode Particular was used for the clouds, rain and the embers.

Mini tutorial on the first shot.
Case Study at Studio Daily on this clip.

Scripted Reality - Silent Hill
Scripted Reality used Trapcode Lux in the end titles for blockbuster movie Silent Hill. The clip is amazing, was made in AE only and shows well how Lux syncs with the lighting in the scenes.

Joel Cheek - Element Media
A stunning logo reveal based on the Gridsurface 4df project from Trapcode People. Trapcode Particular.


Nando Costa - Nike
Nando Costa made three beautiful clips for Nike that features Trapcode Lux, 3D Stroke and Particular:


Shilo - Scion xA "Shadow"

This beautiful :30 spot for Scion made by Shilo uses Trapcode Particular

Shilo site
view movie (9.5M) for Discovery Channel
Hope all is well with you and Trapcode. Thought I'd drop you a line to show you the latest piece of work we've produced. It is a series of ads for Discovery Channel. We used Trapcode Particular and Starglow on the project. It was a really fun project and your plugins made it a pleasure to produce! Many thanks. Tim Clapham

view movie (10M)

Pierre Michel, Paris, France

This movie is an introduction to my demo reel. Every thing was done with Particular except the flame and the caustic egg at the end.
view movie (9.5M)

Henrique Zarate, Sao Paulo, Brazil

My name is Henrique. I'm writting from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I'd like to show you a work that I made using 3D Stroke and Particular Trapcode plug ins. I have a studio that works with video animation. I want to thank you Trapcode from the tips and for show us interesting works.

view movie (4.5M)


This film is a very non-scientific journey through the cosmos. It uses LOADS of Starglow.

Pistachios website:

full clip (10.4M H.264 codec)
excerpt (3M sorensson codec)

Jan Mathias Steinforth (mateuniverse)

A bill poster. His posters display an agressive face that suddenly starts screaming at him. Getting furious, he tears up the poster. Upon that, his real world interferes with the poster's elements that haunt him. The chase peaks in the bill poster being completely caught up in the graphical world"

In this video for the band Funkstörung Mathias uses Trapcode Particular to achieve a monstruous tentacle-like effect of organically flowing graphical forms.

view movie (7.7M)

Matt Lussier

Matt uses a combination of Trapcode 3D Stroke and Re:Vision Shape/Shade to create a very cool 3D effect. He uses many layers with different Z-Clip values to be able to get a more accurate depth shading on the 3D strokes.

Lloyd Alvarez

Both clips use Trapcode Particular. The first (MTV) for the stuff flying out of the speaker. The second (BDA) for the fireworks.
full clip (5.7M)
excerpt (1.4M)
full clip (12M)
excerpt (2M)

David Giese

This music video for Jenny Wilson's "Summer time - the roughest time" uses Trapcode Particular and Starglow.

view excerpt (421K)


The first clip (MTV This is the new s***) uses Trapcode 3D Stroke. The second (MTV Accelerate) uses Trapcode Lux.

Waytion site:
view movie (4.3M)
view movie (0.8M)


The first clip was made entirely using Trapcode Particular. In the second clip (Zoom) all particles are by Particular.
>> create a crowd tutorial

Belief site:
view movie (2.2M)
view movie (5.0M)
Jason Koxvold

"For this promo for 'Appearances' we had a clear idea of what we needed to do, and I knew that Particular's versatility would be able to do it. Using LED keychains as a tracking reference in After Effects, I pickwhipped the particle emitter to the original point of light and tuned the characteristics to mimic the properties of light in a long-exposure photograph. From there it was simply a question of setting the physics to match the movement of the camera and give the light streams an airy, ethereal feeling.

I have to admit that receiving calls from incredulous Inferno artists is rather satisfying."

Jason's site

view movie (3.0M)

Douglas Martin

"Hey, just wanted to drop a note to say how much I like using Particular. It's the best purchase I've made for After Effects in years. It truly was a fast and efficient solution for creating missile smoke trails for my last project.

Here are some links to work I just did for a Discovery Channel show using Particular. The show is called Unsolved History. The episode is about the KAL-007 tragedy in the 1980's. I used nulls animated in 3d space in maya, then hooked my emitter to it's position in After Effects to match my 3d animations."

Douglas Martin
Capsule Graphics
view movie (1.2M)

Nailgun - Adidas

Nailgun shows very skillful use of Trapcode 3D Stroke in this aestethic spot for Adidas.

"In the design phase we where looking for a graphic thread that could take us through the world of the 'adidas sessions' breakers. 3D Stroke was the perfect device. It really communicates the perfect motion, fluidity, and mind set of the artists."

Nailgun Site:
view movie (1.9M)

Jason Koxvold

Jason recently completed a 90 second Winterfresh spot for broadcast/broadband agency EVB.

" I used Starglow to give the scenes some crystalline rock & roll feel, and Shine to give depth to the icy fog effect on the type. What really brought the project to life, though, was Particular - I don't think there's another After Effects plugin that works as well in 3d. I tied the particle emitters to a few 'master particles' that weave in and out of the characters and the rest was a snap."

Jason's site
view movie (4.1M)

Adrian Winter

"I recently worked on a series of intro animations for Volkswagen that were to be used in a video presentation at an auto show. I had to create an intro for each model Volkswagen, all animated and timed to different music.
view movie (2.8M)
  For some of the more complex pieces of music, Trapcode Sound Keys was very helpful in allowing me to keyframe the pieces of the silhouettes to the subtler nuances of the audio tracks, which made the resulting animations much more unique and engaging."

Adrian Winter's e-mail:
view movie (3.3M)

Erik Lauritzen
In this clip Erik has combined Trapcode 3D Stroke, Starglow and Shine in a very stylish manner. The swooshing strokes are made by 3D Stroke and treated with Starglow. Shine was used on the Mannatech and Mannafest logos.

Erik Lauritzen's site
view movie (3.8M)

view movie (1.5M)
view movie (3.8M)
view movie (4.1M)

MTV Nordic

The first clip, "tune in", uses Trapcode Starglow (overall styling) and 3D Stroke (the swooshing strokes). The second "accelerate" uses Trapcode Shine during edits. The third "re:action" uses Trapcode Sound Keys to control Card Dance.

David Giese
This brand new video for Moder Jords Massiva's "Sound & Sense" was made in After Effects. Trapcode Starglow assisted in creating the overall look and Trapcode Sound Keys was used to make various objects (such as the singers eye) move with the music. Very cool!

Read David's comments.
view movie (1.5M)
view movie (1.5M)
HYPA Solutions Ltd
The HYPA intro uses Trapcode 3D Stroke and Shine. The Cahoot clip uses Trapcode Shine.

HYPA site:
HYPA/cahoot article: link
view movie (1.3M)
view movie (1.7M)
This promo for a 9.11 documentary uses Trapcode Starglow to create the multicolored star-shaped glow that can be seen clearly in the frame on the right. Starglow was also used throughout the clip on the "dancing" white areas.
view movie (3.7M)
Blink.fx made this promo for the HBO show "The Wire". The round and smooth waveforms in the clip were made with Trapcode Sound Keys and 3D Stroke and the hard-edged ones using AE Waveform.
view movie (3.7M)
Dallas sthlm
This clip from the Swedish Eurovison Song Contest (Melodifestivalen) uses 3D Stroke for the lights that travel on paths. Shine was used for transitions and finishing look.
view movie (1.8M)
This is the intro for the TV show "Sikta mot stjarnorna". Shine was used on the text and the stars.

Dallas sthlm site:

view movie (1.9M)

Belief recently used Trapcode 3D Stroke to create organic fluid lines for a very wide video wall. Here you can see a collage of stills from the production. Mike Goedecke notes: "The piece turned out great, and even at 10000x540 the strokes rendered very quick!"
Belief site:
collage of stills (140K)
A combination of Trapcode Shine with After Effects' own Fractal Noise creates the look of rays in smoke. Artifacts creative director Scott Frizzle notes: "We had to simultaneously output for television and film, so the speed and 16 bit capabilities of Shine were essential".
view movie (966K)
This clip that was made for the National Basketball Association incorporates both 3D Stroke and Shine.

Artifact site:

view movie (1.5M)
Giant Octopus
In this clip Giant Octopus has combined Trapcode Shine with 3D renderings and football clips. The still is from another clip. Giant Octopus site:
view movie (1.4M)
large still (94K)
Dene Films
This clip shows the Dene Films identity. Trapcode Shine was used together with flowing textures to reveal the logo. Dene films site:
view movie (447K)
Kurt Wiley
An animated Trapcode Shine effect puts the
" SECRET OF THE SAPPHIRES" heroine on the threshold of a major discovery. A traditional/digital/3D pilot in development. ©2005 KMW

mail:Kurt Wiley site: link

view movie (790K)