We are always looking for exciting new stuff to display in the gallery.
The clips we look for mainly falls in two cathegories (or even better, both of them!):

1. High profile - recognizable clips seen on TV or from the movies.
2. Beautiful stuff - clips with exciting new approaches to using Trapcode software, or simply beautifully made animations or effects.

Preferably place the file on your site or wherever you can upload it and send us a link. Or use a service like YouSendIt
Another good option is to upload clips to Vimeo
Use this e-mail: peder.norrby(.at.) gmail.com

Include a short text description of your work and how the Trapcode software was used.
Any standard video format (qt, mpeg, wmv etc) works fine, we'll re-encode the files if needed if we decide to include them in the gallery.