Trapcode Logos

Trapcode Company Logo vectors:

trapcode_logo.pdf (PDF) (Adobe Illustrator)

All Logos (Company and Products) vectors:

trapcode_logos.pdf (PDF)

Company Logo bitmap: (Adobe Photoshop, psd)

300 px wide GIF:

150 px wide GIF:

Usage guidelines
The logos should be black or white, the most contrasting color for the background should be used. If an alpha channel is needed, use the vector logos or the psd file. The bitmap logos may be scaled down, not up. They may not be scaled down so much they are not readable. For website use we recommend no smaller than 150 pixels wide for the Trapcode company logo. Bitmap logos may not be compressed so they show visible artifacts. If you want to use the logos in a way not described or if you feel insecure about the usage, contact info (-AT-) for approval.

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