May 28th, 2008 - Trapcode Horizon released!

Trapcode Horizon is a 3D camera-aware background gradient and image mapping tool for AE7 and higher. It is the perfect companion to the other 3D plugs from Trapcode such as Particular and Form. USD 99. More info.

May 9th, 2008 - New beautiful clips from PSYOP in the gallery

I recently went to New York and among other things I visited PSYOP. I've been aware of their amazing work for a long time and I was thrilled to hear they use a lot of Trapcode software. I managed to bring five clips that all use Trapcode Particular and I'm very proud to present them in the gallery.

May 2nd, 2008 - R.I.P.

I am very sad to inform you that went off-line. Read more.

May 2nd, 2008 - Inspiring tutorial by Jerzy Drozda Jr.

A very cool technique is presented by Jerzy Drozda Jr (aka Maltaannon) in this tutorial Growing 3D vines, where he uses Trapcode Particular to create 3D vines with a shaded look. Jerzy says he was obviously inspired by Andrew Kramers Growing 3D vines which uses 3DS Max, whereas Jerzy manages to pull it all off inside AE! It is a very clever technique that I think can be used for many other things.

April 8th, 2008 - Three awesome new clips in the gallery

New clips from Crew Creative Advertising in L.A. and Barbecue in Germany showcase Trapcode Form, Particular and Shine. See them in the gallery.

February 13th, 2008 - Five mesmerizing new gallery clips

This time we feature clips from Mate Steinforth, Alvarez/Koxvold, Pierre Michel and Cody Cobb/Digital Kitchen. All five are amazing examples of use of Trapcode software. Check them out in the gallery!

January 27th, 2008 - Trapcode sponsors Akropol Basketball Club

Trapcode enters a two-year sponsorship with Akropol BBK, a basketball club in Rinkeby, Stockholm, Sweden. Trapcode becomes official sponsor and supports Akropol's elite and youth activities

Trapcode's founder Peder Norrby played basketball in his youth and has a big heart for the sport. Another reason for the sponsorship is Akropol's social work regarding violence, abuse and rasism where concepts such as acceptance, tolerance and love are prioritized.

January 25th, 2008 - Trapcode radio via!

On the right here on this page we have embedded a widget from so you can hear the music we like at Trapcode. You can break out the player into its own window by pressing the pop-out buttom at the bottom right of the player, so you can continue browsing the site while listening to the music. Enjoy!

January 4th, 2008 - New amazing Training for Form and Particular available for purchase

Harry J. Frank shows the basics and more advanced techniques using Trapcode Form. This is a wonderful complement to the free available Form training. Harry has a way to make advanced features easy to understand and he gives pointers on how to use the effect in production. Free preview available here.

Available from Toolfarm it is a bargain at USD 24.
Mark Christiansen elegantly explains how to make a photo realistic dry-for-wet effect using Trapcode Particular. Techniques include color correction, sky replacement and various uses of particles to create rain. Free preview available here.

Available from Studio Daily it is a bargain at USD 39.

December 4th 2007 - New gallery clip using Trapcode Form from Digital Kitchen

Cody Cobb uses 3D renders (UVs / Normals / Motion Vectors / Ambient Occlusion) to drive the layer maps in Trapcode Form and additionally the music drives parts of the animation. View in the Trapcode Gallery.


"..Art Director Frank Grande used Trapcode's Particular plug-in for all the FX layers. Each being controlled by its own animated gray scale map. He also used Knoll Lens Flare and Trapcode's Star Glow to bring on the logo and other elements. By using 3D particles inside of After Effects, hours of motion and compositing time were saved.."

Read full press release.

15th November 2007 - Trapcode Form released!

Trapcode Form
is a grid-based 3D particle system with a twist. It can be used to create fluid, organic patterns, complex geometric structures and swirling stringy animations... more info. The price is USD 199 - direct link to purchase Trapcode Form from Red Giant Software.

Owners of Trapcode Particular can get a USD 50 discount when purchasing Form before Dec 15th - discount link.

25th October 2007 - Two new gallery clips from DEGAUSS

Swedish DEGAUSS have contributed two awesome new clips to the Trapcode Gallery.

21st October 2007 - Trapcode Particular used on Spider Man 3

LA-based vfx wizards CafeFX used Trapcode Particular in Spider Man 3. This is told by CafeFX in an interview by VFXTalk. The interview goes into detail about the making of the beautiful visual effects in the movie. Read the interesting article here.

19th September 2007 - Andrew Kramer uses Trapcode Particular to visualize music

Andrew Kramer of published a new excellent tutorial where he uses Trapcode Particular in an innovative way to visualize an audio track. Check it out here.

1st August 2007 - Studio Daily case study on Pierre Michel's beautiful "Polar" clip

Some time ago we featured Pierre Michel's clip "Polar" in the Trapcode gallery. In a new case study at Studio Daily, Pierre explains how some of the graphics were made. Read the full study here.

30th July - UB versions of ALL Trapcode plugs, NEW versions of Shine, Starglow and 3D Stroke
The new versions of Shine, Starglow and 3D Stroke supports MacTel, float/HDR in AE (see new HDR tutorial) and a new range of hosts: FCP, Motion, Avid and Premiere Pro. Old users may upgrade their software, read the upgrade policy.

Purchase/upgrade Shine, Starglow, 3D Stroke or the full 3S Pack.

Free Universal Binary (MacTel/CS3) updates of Lux, Particular, Sound Keys and Echospace can be downloaded here.

Note that if you use Windows or Mac PPC your old Trapcode plugs all work in CS3, just copy the entire "Trapcode" folder and don't forget the Trapcode Particular presets folder. You may anyway want to upgrade Shine, Starglow and 3D Stroke to get the new float functionality and new host support.

FAQ's and other tech-support is found here.

4th May 2007 - Four new gallery clips from Ben Grossmann, The Syndicate

It is not very often we get customer clips that falls in both cathegories for gallery selection: beauty and high-profile. Two full spots complete with "how it was made" clips. Check this out in the gallery.

23rd April 2007 - Trapcode Award Ceremony at NYU
The ceremony took place at the New York University where Peder Norrby handed over the statue and a big check to Professor Ken Perlin. More info and pictures here.

20th April 2007 - Trapcode Presents Ken Perlin an Award of Excellence
Ken Perlin will be awarded a statue and $10,000 for his work on developing Perlin Noise, a genius algorithm used in many Trapcode products. Peder Norrby will give the award to Professor Ken Perlin at a ceremony in New York on Monday the 23rd of April. Full media release.

15th March 2007 -Trapcode Particular used for photorealistic rain in BMW spot.

VFX super wiz Ben Grossman (The Syndicate) used Trapcode Particular to add photorealistic 3D rain in a BMW spot. Trapcode Lux was also used to add volumetric 3D lightcones for the headlights of the car. See full article in Studio Daily: link.

25th November 2006 - Four stunning new clips in the gallery

New clips by Pierre Michel (Polar 2007), Scripted Reality (Silent Hill movie end titles), Joel Cheek (Element Media logo) and Nando Costa (Nike spots). See the quicktime movies in the gallery.

1st November 2006 - Trapcode and Red Giant Software join forces
From today, Red Giant Software will manage sales and support for Trapcode. Red Giant has an excellent team that will increase the quality of sales support and tech support for old and new Trapcode customers. Furthermore, the partnership will mean Trapcode's Peder Norrby will get more time to spend on development. Read more here.

1st November 2006 - Two clever tutorials for Trapcode Particular.
Click images to see them.

7th October 2006 - New Trapcode Betas solve issue with Mac OSX version of GridIron Nucleo
Trapcode today released a public beta for Mac OSX Nucleo users. More info.

1st August 2006 -
Four amazing new clips in the gallery

New clips by Shilo,, Pierre Michel and Henrique Zarate. See the quicktime movies in the gallery.

10th May 2006 - Trapcode Particular 1.5 released!

This is a free upgrade for owners of version 1.0!
The new version features Depth of Field and Motion Path.

Here is a video clip showing the new features.
Read more on the new features here.
Download the new version on the download page.

See these new v1.5 example clips on the product page.

27th February 2006 - New gallery clip GE-996 by PISTACHIOS
This film is a very non-scientific journey through the cosmos. It uses LOADS of Starglow. View it in the gallery.

2nd February 2006 - AE7 compatible versions available now - free to existing customers

All Trapcode plug-ins have been updated to support AE7.

Trapcode Particular received an updated version - 1.0.2 because the old version did not display the Preview UI correctly in AE7.

Trapcode Echospace has been updated to version 1.0.1. Here two things were fixed: one UI problem in AE7 and a bug that could cause crash when using the "Purge" command in all versions of AE.

For the rest of the plugs, only the installers have been updated to be AE7 aware. Download the new versions here.

17th October 2005 - Jan Mathias Steinforth new artist in the gallery
Jan Mathias Steinforth has created a very cool video for the band Fonkstörung using, among other things, Trapcode Particular. View it in the gallery.

7th October 2005 - Matt Lusser new artist in the gallery
Matt shows a clip that uses Trapcode 3D Stroke and Re:Vision Shape/Shade to create a very cool 3D effect with a lot of depth. View it in the gallery.

26th September 2005 - Trapcode Echospace released!
Trapcode Echospace is a new plug-in for Adobe After Effects 6.5 that repeats layers in 3D. The price is USD 49. More info here.

18th July 2005 - Trapcode Particular featured on Apple's site
If anyone has missed it, Belief was featured in an article on Apple's Pro site and they talked a lot about Trapcode Particular. Read article here.

See the clip where Belief uses Trapcode Particular to create a crowd (bigger than the clip on the Apple site).

Note that the Apple article says Particular works in FCP and Motion - that is incorrect. It only works in AE6 and AE6.5.

29th June 2005 - New training clip for Trapcode Particular
This new clip shows step-by-step how to use custom particles in Trapcode Particular. Watch it here.

5th May 2005 - New clips from MTV2 and BDA the Gallery
Lloyd Alvarez uses Trapcode Particular in two clips for MTV2 and BDA. See them in the gallery.

28th April 2005 - Back from NAB2005 - what a show!
The Plug-in Pavillion booth was very busy all the time. We showed a preview of our next release,
Trapcode Belief Echospace, which is a 3D layer repeater for AE (see screenshots). This will be released summer/fall 2005. Thanks to everyone who dropped by the booth!

10th April 2005 - New Music Video in Gallery
David Giese uses Trapcode Particular and Starglow in the video for Jenny Wilson's "Summer time - the roughest time". See it in the gallery.
11th March 2005 - <<DV Magazine Award of Excellence>>

Matt Silverman reviews Trapcode Particular in the March 2005 issue of DV Magazine. The review notes "Particular is by far the best particle system available for Adobe After Effects". Particular received a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Read the full review.

11th February 2005 - Trapcode sponsors onedotzero_stockholm

onedotzero_stockholm at Moderna Museet was a great succes. The screenings were packed and much appreciated.

Thanks to all involved and to all new acquaintances, I had a great time!

This image ©Timo Schaedel/onedotzero is from the "graphic cities" programme.