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  Echospace is used to duplicate, manage and animate layers in a convenient manner. It works similair to an echo effect, but instead of creating 2D echoes, it creates new instances of a layer in 3D space.

Watch Echospace in action! [flash]
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Trapcode Echospace can be applied to footage, text, solids or even nested compositions. It features a built-in animation delay to create time-rippling effects. It can also add randomness to the positions of layers to spread them out randomly in 3D space.

Trapcode Echospace was co-designed by Mike Goedeke at Belief.

Adobe After Effects 6.5 and higher (Mac OSX/Windows)

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"Echospace is a great plug-in and, at this low price, it's an easy buy recommendation"
Rating: 8 / 10 :: 3D World Magazine February 2006

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• Available for Mac OSX and Windows
• Fully utilizes Adobe After Effects built-in OpenGL acceleration
• Created layers intersects and casts shadows on other layers in the comp
• Built-in help
• Available for instant purchase on-line

Not convinced yet? Get the free demo and try it today! This demo is unlockable, so if you decide to buy it you only need to purchase an unlocking key and you are set. The product is registered to your name only, so you can actually purchase the unlocking key right now without installing the demo first.