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  Lux simulates the phenomena of light reflection in a sparse medium, also known as "visible light". This can be observed when lights are present in a slightly foggy environment, like on stage during a concert or outdoors on a misty night.

Watch Lux in action! [flash]
View and download more hands-on traing clips here

Lux uses Adobe After Effects’ built-in lights to create visible light that matches how layers are lit. Lux will read properties such as position, color and cone angle from all point lights and spotlights and render visual representations of them. For even more integration, the spotlight cones can be set to reach a specified 3D layer in the composition.

Adobe After Effects 6.0 and higher (Mac OSX/Windows)
What about AE5 and 5.5?


"Simple to apply, renders quickly, works beautifully, and makes all your 3D scenes look great. You'd need to argue long and hard about why you wouldn't want Lux in your Effects menu." Read the full review.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 / Computer Arts Magazine issue #96 (May 2004).

"Instantly your scene goes from Ho-Hum, to Oh-Boy!" says Stephen Schleicher at Digital Producer Magazine. He concludes: "I give Lux a Strong Buy recommendation". Read the full review.

"After Effects' 3D environment allows designers to introduce light sources into their compositions. Lux takes those lights to a whole new level, giving users the tools to truly consider light during the After Effects compositing process, rather than relying on heavy 3D tools" says Ko Maruyama at Digitalanimators. Read the full review.

Examples (3.9M) - spot lights (1.4M) - point light


• Available for Mac OSX and Windows
• Fast rendering
• Lux takes full advantage of all processors (Mac&PC) and Intel Hyperthreading
• Works in 16bit (AE6 PB) and 8bit per channel color depths
• Internal 256bit (64bpc) calculations for exquiste results
• Reach Comp Layer option for spot lights to reach a specified 3D layer in the comp
• Option to select Light Model for different light looks
• Handles non-square pixel aspect ratio correctly
• Extensive documentation
• Available for instant purchase on-line

Not convinced yet? Get the free demo and try it today! This demo is unlockable, so if you decide to buy it you only need to purchase an unlocking key and you are set. The product is registered to your name only, so you can actually purchase the unlocking key right now without installing the demo first.