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Starglow is a fast-rendering glow effect. It creates a star-shaped glow around the highlights of the source. The star shape consists of eight directions, and each direction can be assigned an individual colormap and streak length.

Watch Starglow in action! [flash] or download

The effect looks similair to shooting with a star filter on the camera. It can be used to add realism to CG clips or to create a magical, dreamy or romantic feeling in a clip shot with camera. It can also be set up for effects that are completely new or to simulate lens artifacts. And it works nice with particle effects and text.

Adobe After Effects 6.5 and higher (Mac OSX/Windows)
Adobe Premiere Pro
FCP, Motion


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See examples of Starglow used in production in the user gallery!


• Available for Mac OS, Mac OSX and Windows
• Works in 16bit (AE5 PB) and 8bit per channel color depths
• Fast rendering
• Numerous coloring options including 3- and 5-color gradients
• Tweakable coloring presets
• Extensive documentation
• Built-in transfer modes, threshold and circular mask to maximize your workflow
• Available for instant purchase on-line

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